Fantastic Mezzanine installation

We’ve been super busy again recently and have a lot of work to share with you all. What a fantastic project this was utilising high ceilings in a Hertford apartment to create a mezzanine floor. The client’s request was simple, create an area to work on his computer looking out across the roof tops through his balcony door. A2B got cracking, installing a steel frame and then a timber frame for the new floor. A high spec finish included a bespoke oak paddle ladder for access, engineered oak flooring to match in with existing flooring. Usb sockets, LED spot lights and wall lights and even LED strip lighting to flood the rear wall and recessed LED light wells to give the effect of sky lights in the ceiling. Finish all that off with a glass balustrade and an oak hand rail and you have a super smart mezzanine work area anyone would be proud of.


More updates of the exciting projects we’ve been undertaking recently to follow soon. Get in touch with us today to get your fantastic ideas for your home realised.




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