Fire Safety Installations

We’ve recently completed a whole host of fire safety installations at a varied range of business types, all with very specific and different needs. We recently installed FD30 fire rated doors and self closers at a community centre. We also built a 60 minute fire wall around the main server and archive room in the basement of the Guildhall London, plus supplied and installed special order FD60 (60 minute rated) fire doors to the server room as well as assisting in the installation of a gas suppression fire system. We brought an HMO rental property up to the current fire safety regulations by installing radio linked smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and call points, supplied fire extinguishers and signage, supplied and installed fire doors and self closers. We recently also supplied and installed emergency exit doors to a local children’s centre.

If you want to update your fire safety features or chat through some of the services and products we can provide to give you peace of mind when it comes to fire hazards in the workplace or home then get in touch today.

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