Summer Update

Although we work in all weathers, it’s nice when clients ask us to do outside jobs when it is sunny! We’ve been doing a lot of fencing recently and the results speak for themselves. However it’s not quite as simple as putting up the fencing, on one project we had to ‘crown lift’ the tree line to allow for the fencing which also helped to increase light into the garden meaning the whole garden benefited!

If your garden is looking a bit tired and overgrown, or your trees are getting out of hand, give us a call. We can sort your fencing out AND perform some much needed surgery to your trees. Also we’ve been laying lots of patios ready for the barbecue season.

In other news, we’re currently in the middle of a large job reworking the downstairs of a house to make it open plan. This has involved installing RSJs and large steels in order to prop and support load bearing walls before knocking through to create a fantastic open space. Photos to follow soon!

If any of these things have whet your appetite for improving your outside or inside space, contact us now for a no obligation quotation, or to chat through some ideas. We’re your helping hand.

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